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OK. You just blew up my thinking. I expect that’s a good thing! My husband and I watched the Star Wars movies with my brother and family; it’s been a New Year’s tradition for years. We noticed immediately the massive difference between the concise goals in the original trilogy with heroes! The latter few. No heroes. Period. You don’t conclude that the good guys were supreme and conquered the bad guys. Disappointing. Now, I will have to find time (& probably alcohol) to watch his conclusions. God bless you for the wonderful gift God gave you: tenacity + a very intelligent mind!!🙏

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Yes. Like some parasites hollow out their host, turning it into a gruesome husk of its former self - doing the bidding of its alien invader - we face the same. Thank God for Rednecks and other authentic people. Real Americans are too stubborn to change, and have been purposely marginalized my the Marxists. Hilariously, that only hardens the resolve of the proud patriot. We have this.

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Love seeing others thoughts so aligned with my own. I am sharing this wide and far! Succinct and so spot on!

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Quit imbibing the damned poison!

Stop subsidizing your enemies with your hard-earned money!

You can't reform them!

They must be eliminated, bankrupted, disposed of!

Navel contemplation is a waste of energy!

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