I understand what you are saying and I agree with you.

We knew, in our household, that this was planned a very long time ago AND we knew when it hit in early 2021, that this was a world-wide Machiavellianism movement and an effort to Take-Down President Trump and kill as many people worldwide as possible.

We have spent a great deal of time researching DJT, his family, his life, his businesses.

I happened to work in certain governmental agencies during most of my life, which happened to deal with implementing the agenda and goals of the NWO, the UN, etc., etc.

That aside, when this hit and we touched base with close friends, family and neighbors, we were met with either agreement or complete shock that we (Really ME) were conspiracy nuts with tin-foil hats. So, we knew early on, where we stood and why.

From my research (and not many realize this) DJT was well-known and respected, world-wide, long before he ran for POTUS in 2015. He was known to have the best security and intelligence in the business community and as many learned the hard way that underestimating him was at your own peril.

I have never flinched in my belief that he knew exactly what was going on, why it was going on and who was involved. Many have lost their political careers due to their underestimating him and some may have also lost their lives.

DJT, the man, does NOT back down, he pushes ahead. That's why he is feared, because when he announced to the world "We caught them all", he meant every word and THEY know he did. (Why do you think McConnel is stepping down now, after weeks of negotiations with President Trump's A-Team?)

However, many world leaders are wiser also and they want him back in power, because they too, are nationalists and they want their countries 'great again'. Those leaders are not allowing illegals entry into their countries, they are embracing the nuclear family, family farms, safe food production, etc.

The assissination of Shinzo Abe comes to mind; he and DJT had a very close relationship and agreed on making their countries great again. There is no doubt in my mind, that President Trump knows why he was killed, who murdered him and who is responsible for the plan.

It's also very interesting to see the nationalist leaders of Argentina, Pres. Milei and Hungary, Victor Orban have recently made public their meetings with President Trump. They have expressed enthusiastic support and agree with populist nationalism for the USA, Argentina and Hungary. They are showing this support now and are very visible and openly working with President Trump.

Don't be deceived into believing that President Trump does NOT have support from other world leaders, because he does. I suspect that they are doing all they can to help him survive and achieve his goals successfully because they also have that commonality with the President of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump.

Finally, watch and listen for the TRUTH of January 6 to come out now. Mollie Hemingway has 2 great factual articles out in the last few days that point to the lies and hidden evidence that President Trump is completely innocent of anything untoward on January 6. Not to mention the failing lawfare maneuvers that are now in the midst of exposure.

Hat-Tip Brian....Next time, don't yell so loud...you scared me. Yikes!

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~ Agreed, Pres Trump will need the awakened masses to bolster the final takedown of the MIC/NIH/Big pharma/MSM/CIA combine. The tragedy of the injuries & deaths from the shorter version of the lockdown plan pale in comparison to what they had planned. Divide, isolate, mind bend, & conquer. Red October- full speed towards & through the menace before it could be fully armed. ~

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Trump cut off the 10+ year world-wide death-row lockdown time frame and got the “vaccine out early. IT WAS ALL READY TO DISTRIBUTE. “Operation Warp Speed” just made them manufacture enough in 9 months to introduce the BIO-WEAPON to the population sooner than they had planned. Trump and the rest of us came to understand the dangers of the BIO-WEAPON later all at the same time. Even with that, the mortality and the morbidity from the lockdowns would still have dwarfed the real deaths from the vaccine BIO-WEAPON. It can still be said that President Trump has served this nation well by doing the best he could have done under such deceptive circumstances. The guilt lies with the deep state and those in the medical community (like Dr Fauci) who became agents of a grave Nuremberg Code Violation evil.

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100% logic and highly credible rationale Brian.

The enemy’s current global disarray (farmers revolt in Europe, multiple currency crises (euro, yuan) multiple banking crises (ecb, China), global supply chain chaos, BRICS propaganda, everyone questioning everyone else’s motives and credibility (the NATO clusterf) to name just a few.

All of which are worsening because the enemy’s usual solution of throwing billions of dollars at the problem is in airlock because Ukraine 🤭.

By forcibly accelerating one part of the enemy master plan, he effectively tossed a hefty wad of chewy bubble gum into the enemy’s highly complex and delicate web of global algorithms.

Every defensive move by the enemy in one area triggers reactions in other parts of the enemy’s master plan.

The resulting catastrophic core meltdown is what we are presently seeing.

🍿 anyone? 😁

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Brian, I do understand. The real answer is more subtle and is rooted in the history of the COVID-19 and Vaccine hoax. The origin of COVID and the mRNA death jab as BIOLOGICAL WARFARE AGENTS started back in as early as 2002. The deep state plan was indeed to lock us down for 10+ years and then introduce the “Vaccine” BIO-WEAPON for the coup de gra’ce on the world population. NO ONE BUT THE DEEP STATE KNEW OF THE DANGERS OF THE BIO-WEAPON, or even that it was intended as a DEPOPULATION BIO-WEAPON!! They could still bank on the respect the medical community enjoyed at the time. Trump cut off the 10+ year

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If I remember correctly the vaccine made by Johnson, which was different from the others, was the Vax Trump bragged about being made available to the public. Curiously this Vax was removed from availability bc of side effects, which in my opinion, were not as serious as the side effects from the others. The subritfuge is mammoth. The layers of lying colossal. He did the best he could under the circumstances.

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You got it right yet again, Brian! How would you like to have to make a decision between the potential of millions of people dying in order to prevent billions of people from being exterminated? We know that the Deep State's goal is to get the world population of 8+ billion down to about 500 million so their original plan for the Death Jab would have been a great start. I haven't seen any opinions on what Our President meant in referring to the cure for Cancer. We know he wasn't talking about the mRNA technology being used but perhaps he was thinking that as the efficacy of HCQ and Ivermectin treating and preventing Covid instead of maiming and killing, gains traction, which was KNOWN by these Demon Possessed Cretins, then their potential efficacy against cancer will become known and pursued. Dave at X22, who I know has interviewed you, gave an excellent 10 minute presentation on the strategy that you are discussing. Among other tidbits are the fact that Fauci authored a paper in 2005 that documented the efficacy of HCQ against Covid! Here's the presentation: (Starts at 17:43, turn the sound on)


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I do understand...but really hate games where lives are on the line.

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Thanks Brian, very astute. I think you are spot on as to DJTs motivations. He knows he’s in a fight with a ruthless enemy, and that’s great—-more than I could say about GOPe. However, it seems to me he has missed an opportunity here.

DJT, not a doctor by training, could have reasonably assumed that the medical establishment would follow protocols and reasonable judgement before releasing this poison. Had he spoken up in 2021, he’d have had an easy way to cover his butt & bust the Science Intelligensia (Faucci, Birx, Dems, media) in the process. He put a foot wrong here IMO. It’s unfair, but so is life.

Not a deal-killer though. If the 2024 message is about the economy, war, freedom, crime, the border, & how Joe sux, vaccine injury will not have a huge impact. Not excusing anything, but we don’t get to custom-order these guys.

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Brian what is up with Tracy Beanz? 🤑

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🫵 Keep up the great work! 👏 Sending you LOVE Patriot Brother! #HoldTheLine & #WakeUpAmerica ! 💜☝️🙏 Lisa (APN)

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