Why Trump Will Not Open That Door On Vaccine Deaths/Injuries Until He Is Safely Reelected

You Don't Have To Like It. You Don't Even Have To Agree With It. Just Understand It.

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During Screaming Joe’s recent State of the Union rant, a massive amount of controversy was generated by Donald J. Trump when he used Biden’s strange mention of how the COVID-19 vaccines created by Big Pharma were going be used in curing cancer to post this following message on Truth Social:

You may have noticed while Republican leaders such as Governor Ron DeSantis and Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton are taking tangible steps to expose the crimes committed against their citizens in Florida and Texas, Donald Trump is quite curiously AWOL on this issue.

DeSantis has empaneled a state grand jury that is examining the manifest lies, misrepresentation, and censorship utilized to sell both the COVID pandemic and the Big Pharma vaccines to the citizens of Florida. That grand jury is still active and is issuing reports detailing its findings.

AG Paxton in Texas has gone even further, having filed a lawsuit against Pfizer for essentially duping state citizens into taking its vaccine by making many easily provable false claims about its product.

So, while some Republicans are taking steps to expose and attempt to bring accountability right now to those who seriously abused the American public during the recent Plandemic, presidential candidate Donald Trump has been for 3 1/2 years now maintaining an increasingly curious and strange “holding pattern” where he gives the same scripted response whenever the issue of the vaccines arises during this current 2024 campaign.

Elements of Trump’s scripted response often include these elements:

  1. “I did a fantastic job with Warp Speed. Only nine months to the vaccines! YOU’RE WELCOME!”

  2. “Nobody else could have done it but me!”

  3. “They were saying it would take five years to get vaccines for COVID! Five years of lockdowns! Didn’t happen, thanks to ME!”

  4. “I didn’t mandate anything!”

Naturally, hearing Trump repeat these same scripted responses for over three years now is wearing incredibly thin with many people for very understandable reasons.

The COVID-19 vaccines are indeed killing and injuring millions of people worldwide. New vaccines and boosters are being rolled out periodically, with the same lying, deceptive government agencies partnering with the vaccine producers to encourage the public to get vaccinated. This encouragement includes celebrity stars who are hoping the public will follow into taking the new clot shots.

In the video above, I explain why Donald Trump has been maintaining a stubborn ‘holding pattern’ on this very important issue for over three years now, DESPITE intense and ferocious pushback from many in his own base.

Is something compelling him to stick with this scripted answer? What would happen if he suddenly opened the door to admitting Fauci & Birx and many others appeared to have savagely tricked him about the vaccines when they were patented, how the virus itself was engineered, and how the US government funded the gain-of-function research that created the virus?

Please respond in the comments below to indicate whether you understand the position I’m advancing, even if you disagree with it.