~ Brian, I can't for the life of me figure out why more folks on the right aren't digging into this book/inside info fiasco. We know this whole GJ in Fulton has been a joke from the start, & that the book is just going to be laying out the prosecution narrative to set the story for MSM. But jeezshe picked one of the few ways a prosecutor can actually get in trouble! And the signal flare of Isikoff's being a co-author: thanks for reminding us about his collusion in the Russiagate Hoax! Primary conduit for the Deep State/Uniparty propaganda delivery system. Cherry on the top is the hiring of a PR/Image/media manager! Keep up the great work! Truth is a force of nature. ~

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And why would Trump even need to raise money? His followers are hardcore and the opposition is laughable (except for my man Kennedy whom I’m still rooting for).

The whole media circus... I gotta wonder, are they really this stupid or are they just desperate?

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