Ignore The GOP UniParty Fundraising Handwringing Panic...

Trump and His MAGA Slate Going Head To Head This Primary Season With the GOP UniParty Slate Are Doing Just Fine

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After NeoCon Nikki Haley finally admitted what the handwriting on the wall has been saying all along and dropped out of the GOP Presidential race following a particularly brutal drubbing on Super Tuesday, I had to watch all the talking heads on my TV lamenting at length about just how much trouble the GOP UniParty is currently in.

I know the GOP UniParty is having a VERY BAD FUNDRAISING YEAR.

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I know this because the crack political consultant class who get news network hits when they aren’t getting paid to give candidates shitty advice kept mentioning it every five minutes they get on the air.

Four things Karl Rove is watching on Super Tuesday | Fox News Video
“It’s utter and complete doom for the GOP this November, everybody! They’re running out of money!”

Now, it’s true: The **GOP UNIPARTY** had a **very freaking bad fundraising year.** I certainly would not deny it. But my perspective is markedly different from all the TV talking heads gloomily talking about how the Republicans are going to get their asses kicked by the Democrats this November because too many big pockets donors dumped millions and millions of dollars into the failed DeSantis and Haley campaigns in a futile quixotic attempt to unseat Trump.

“In our expert opinion, November will be a bloodbath because our GOP UniParty candidates are gonna run out of money and lose their races to the Democrat’s UniParty candidates, and this is HORRIBLE AND ROTTEN AND TERRIBLE!”

None of these compromised political ‘experts’ will admit the truth or what it means for the November election.

That Donald J. Trump is engaged in a HOSTILE TAKEOVER of the GOP from the Mitt Romney holograms that have been running it since before I was born.

Do you know who’s NOT out of money right now? Who’s been having a FANTASTIC fundraising year? And who’s slate of MAGA/America First hand-picked candidates are doing pretty damn well in their primary races going head-to-head with the GOP UniParty’s own slate?

This guy.

This guy right here.

$24.8 Million Raised in 24 Hours: Trump Adds to His Financial Advantage ...

But don’t wait for Karl Rove of Ben Domenech or Ben Shapiro to point this out. The people who’ve spent more than eight years now trying to protect their precious “Conservative, Inc.” turf by fighting and his “MAGA Cult” off are not about to admit they are losing this fight.

Every Trump MAGA candidate that defeats one of their GOP UniParty candidates in these ongoing primaries is a disaster in their eyes. The party is supposed to be far beyond Trump by now, to have moved on from him. He was slated to have been reduced to a historical footnote by this point, but as you can see, if you’ve been paying attention, he’s not cooperating.

And that’s a beautiful thing.

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