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Thank You Brian, Bravo 👏

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In a time when you don’t know what to believe, I find truth in your articles

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I wouldn’t be so sure this is “The End.”

This was never about a virus. It was never really about control; although, I thought it was. It was never about politics. It was never about saving humanity.

There is always a bottom line in everything they do and here the bottom line is terrifying.

So what would be the biggest reason governments would kill their excess citizenry? $$$$$ of course. And before you ask—I’m a genius.

I’ve been doing a deep, deep dive, and am still gulping for air. I keep trying to find anything that will tell me this isn’t happening. I haven’t found it and don’t really expect to.

Can the human body be compatible as a host for production of graphene? It would be necessary to retain the bodies long enough to extract the product or perhaps even liquefy remains for extraction.

You are the carbon they want to produce. Are they farming humans for graphene?

The article below also points out that graphene oxide [GO] is a less toxic product. It appears they may have already tried the other products but where and when?? I think the point may be to keep people alive long enough to generate more graphene. It explains why [last count I have] in 23 states, they’ve legalized liquefying the dead.

Graphene-enabled brain interfaces and The Shots


There is something you people need to think about as you go through these research papers. Governments, hospitals, nurse, MDs Pas, NPs, etc. are well aware of these dangers, but they are still injecting babies, children, and adults. They are deliberately murdering people en masse.

I know what is being done. I am trying to force myself to continue with my studies of graphene but I really don’t want to.

The journalist part of me first works to disprove things. I keep trying to disprove my theory but I can’t.

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There is O V E R W H E L M I N G evidence of corruption and criminal behavior on the part of joey bribes biden. I, like many, have seen the pictures and videos from hunters laptop, taken by hunter himself.

When do you believe Justice will be revealed?

When Durhams Report is completed?

Thank You

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As usual, spot on sir. Thank you for your work.

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I am gleefully awaiting the day that the first 200 million dollar judgment is returned.

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Thank you, Brian. I look forward to massive judgments against employers who forced their employees to be vaxed, and who fired those employees who refused.

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