Wonderful! You hit ALL of the reasons to continue to ignore the MSM and ALL of the reasons to work to awaken any still sleeping! Now is (as you noted) not the time to break away from telling the truth as many times as needed! That should be to sole focus at this point because the tipping point comes when ENOUGH are awake. Period. We don’t know the exact moment, but use any time you’re watching MSM and dedicate it to telling people the truth! Brian: you are a national treasure! Good bless you!🙏

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Excellent Brian!!!! It had to be said!!!!!! Here's an example...an ex-smoker despising someone that smokes...they were there once and now have no patience for those who are still hooked....

How soon we forget we were in the Matrix once, and it's not because we are smarter, wiser, or better than those still trapped in it...we have to be careful not to fall for traps of no compassion and a holier than thou attitude...we truly are in this together...being awake is great, being awake and nice is even better...thank you my friend...

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Was at cvs this morning in my seriously commie, flamingly antiTrump S Florida town.

Cashier (20s, AA male) rang me up and wished me a happy new year. I wished him the same and “hope it’s better than this one!”

Dude gives me a belly laugh and verbally high fives me.

Everyone (even the still asleep) knows something is deeply wrong in America.

Like the awake, the asleep are just waiting for the next shoe to drop, even if they don’t know it yet.

The reason the fake news BS is more energetic than ever (Trump to be arrested! All MAGA Nazis to be rounded up!) is because they know it too.

And it scares the heck out of them.

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The ONLY reason I pay any attention to the Drive Bye Propaganda Media is to see how Trump and the Patriots have trapped them into reporting on The Great Awakening yet again. Everyone - EVERYONE - wakes up at different points. How does someone wake up when all their "news" is from the Fake News? When a relative/neighbor/friend Red Pills them. When they have to start choosing between discretionary spending vs. food/housing/transportation. When someone they know dies of "unexplained causes". There are as many reasons as there are people waiting to be Red Pilled - whether they are aware of it or not. As to why it's taking so long - give this a read: https://badlands.substack.com/p/whats-taking-so-long.

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Another great article. Your points are dead on; we need an “all hands on deck” effort, or as much of one we can muster. I think we were all at some level of asleep at some point.

I do watch a *little* MSM from time to time, not for their purpose, but for reconnaissance. To see what they avoid, what they are afraid of. In that way they do admit we are winning if one listens closely.

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Gotta admit, that's a pretty tough call for someone who's been ostracized for not falling into line. People I thought were my friends for 40-50 years avoid me like the plague. I did my damnedest to explain to them why I wasn't going to get the shots, but nooooooo. Then I became the dangerous one.

And these are people who are all university graduates! That's what blows my mind the most. These people should KNOW better! Of course, this is an extremely blue CA town, too, which might also be a contributing factor.

The other day while the plumber was working here, somehow we got to talking about how we're all being deceived. (I take whatever opportunity I can get.) I asked him if he thought that the POTUS was really Biden. He looked at me with a quizzical look. Then I told him to check out how sometimes his earlobes are attached and sometimes they're not. It was like I'd offered him some contraband!

So I've decided to move out of this university town to someplace where people are more down to earth and are more open and willing to see thru the MSM matrix BS. God bless the hard-working souls upon whose backs this country was built!

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This post from a back and forth on Truth Social with KateBee1 and Brian Cates and it took forever to get through it all only to find this article here! LOL.

But I just posted this up one of her comments on Truth Social in regards to Musk: "Kate vs. Cates. A showdown! Kate posits: "The people who need to be jolted from matrix don’t care what he says and they hate him". But Cates posits many will wake up! The test? Musk releases The Fauci Files soon to the world and if no one will cares or listens then Kate is right. However if it sets off a mega chain reaction as they wake up, Cates is right because people will turn off the faux news to find the real news. It'll confirm who did the better job of thinking this out." She seems like a good egg, just a poor premise. Forgive and move on.

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Great as always Brian!

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Excellent article Brian. Yes it was so hard not to be angry at people for being a sleep. I'm the tin foil nutter very body despised at work for being a granny killer, the black sheep of family for being so selfish. It's been very long hard road, but I'm smiling now. The tide as turned. Finally people are starting to work out something wrong. Happy New year. All the best Andy (Lincoln England)

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I’m so glad you wrote this because I was just about to give up on some friends I have been trying to awaken for two years. Now I will keep trying and maybe use a different approach. I do feel blessed to have been awakened fully for two years now. It has not been easy to accept the truth but I will fight for this country until my last breath.

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Excellent Brian!👏👏 Thank You. You and Yours have a Blessed New Year 🙏♥️💪

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ok, so your thesis is that people who have been red pilled, which means they are well aware of the propaganda war, psyops and social engineering practices conducted by the left, are also blind to the very same techniques used to demoralize conservatives. I don't believe it and neither should you. You are missing the point.

The point is, it is time for action. We are constantly being encouraged by conservative pundits to wait for some greater number of lefties to be red pilled (the number is never specified) before we take action. Almost all conservatives and the greater preponderance of normies have been red pilled. The lefties that we are waiting for to get red pilled are resistant to red pilling and are often part of the lefty base responsible for propaganda, psyops and social engineering. The time for waiting is over.

Time to take action is here. That means the lefties have to pay a price for their egregious crimes. The evidence of their crimes via Twitter, Durham, Veritas, leaks on the FBI/CIA, etc. is massive. Yet no one has gone to jail. None of the leftist cartel has been dismantled. The left is proud and bold. Red pilling has occurred. Time to move onto real action.

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