Oct 24, 2023·edited Oct 26, 2023

Thanks for a great walk down the shitful memory lane of Obummer & Killary.

I do not know who Obummer's writer(s) were but they could make that silver tongued devil sound very much like the smartest adult at the kids table (aka Chris Paul).

Great article Brian.

God Wins!

God Bless!!!

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My understanding is that Benghazi wasn't a blunder. It was a coverup of arms dealing that was going on and information about it was on a server in the Embassy in Benghazi. Remember the completely false claim that it was a video that caused the uprising. Yeah, right! I also recall Obama saying his was the only administration with no scandals. So Benghazi wasn't a scandal? And what about the $65,000 pizza and hot dogs flown in for a 2am party when no outside catering is allowed in the White House? Check out Pizzagate and the FBI document about code words and symbols pedophiles use.

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