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I’m not shocked.

All the big names (which apparently genuine MAGA journalists are too intimidated to identify by name - except Daily Wire who self-outed) are ALL boring af. I’ve never found any of them compelling.

Examples: Daily Caller, Conservative Brief, Breitbart, all of Fox including Tucker and Gutfeld, and the fake MAGA self-appointed “spokespersons” who work for them either openly or secretly, eg Candace, Hogan Brothers, Cernovich, lil Ben Shapiro - way too many to name - are transparent sellouts.

I really had to think about this list because I ignore all of them and they’re not top of mind for me. And I consider myself well-informed.

I’m sure many of your readers are in similar situation.

So if we are to constantly be mindful of these fake but effective posers, someone in the MAGA journalist tribe has to be brave enough to LIST THEM ALL.

In public for all of us to see (including new MAGA talent who may be emerging) so we can watch out for them.

Thank you.

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Thanks for this information Brian. I don't follow Crowder, never have, but it's good to know he rejected their offer, and his huge audience is safe from propaganda.

What is this contract? It clearly is a sale of your soul to the Devil. Nothing less. These evil corporations and RINO purveyors buy out and buy off anyone who will speak the truth about the actual issues we face. THEY are the real enemy. The REAL enemies of all Americans are Big Tech, Big Pharma, Big social media like Fake Book and Instagram and Tik Tok, and anyone who works to further THEIR agenda.

Big Pharma/Pfizer et al, have owned the legacy media for decades, and owned the FDA. And honesty is not their goal, in fact, LYING to the people is their mission.

It's the money that is used to do this controlling of our consciousness, and the money has been coming from/stolen from we the people by Congress, given to Pfizer and the rest, to KILL us. They need to not only be called out loudly, but silenced by putting them out of business, totally, forever.

ANY advertisers on these compromised media outlets should be boycotted and forced to shut down. Take away their source of the money - sales of products. Stop buying them.

Don't sell your soul to the Devil. Lara Logan hasn't.

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Seems this has happened to the Republican Party, they want your money, but never fight!

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No real surprises here, but it was painfully obvious when Lara was kicked off Fox. I quit Fox when the 2020 election desk guy came out, called AZ, and shocked Brett Beier by doing so. This is why so many of us have subscribed to alternative media where we can see the facts revealed as found, excellent analysis, and recognize these citizen journalists are patriots. Thank you for giving us the background on how it is done!

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That explains to me why some people at first seem to be conservative then start badmouthing conservatives. Makes all kinds of sense now.

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Excellent! I'm not surprised. The need to cultivate a keen sense of discernment becomes increasingly critical as this information war intensifies.

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Our individual liberties, voices, and lives are not for sale.

Flattery says otherwise.

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