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They're VERY Worried About Trump's 2nd & Last Term Becoming A 'Revenge Tour'

AND THEY SHOULD BE. They keep showing us all how they'll fully deserve it

If you’ve been glancing at the Fake News lately, you’ve seen just how worried the Deep State and its media minions are about Trump’s 2nd and last term turning into some kinda ‘Revenge Tour’.

Well, they SHOULD be worried.

Trump himself is making it no real secret what he intends to do to the Deep State if he gets back in charge of the federal government.

I have people who say to me, “Well, it won’t do any good for him to get back in there ‘cause, hey, he never really had control of the federal government the first time.  They often ignored him, hid stuff from him, spied on him, sandbagged him, etc.”

Well, that’s true. I would not deny it. Trump never really had full, hands-on control of the feds the first time he was elected President. 

But have you listened to him lately?

You must be assuming he’s stupid or something if you tell me he doesn’t understand that.  He talks about it all the time at his rallies. He’s VERY WELL AWARE that just the DOJ and the FBI were chock-full of DNC/Hillary Clinton/Deep State operatives out to stab him in the back even before he took office on Jan 20, 2017.

Last time Trump didn’t have the popular support to pretty much GUT THE ENTIRE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT AND TOTALLY REFORM IT.

A second term in the White House?  He’s already saying he knows he’ll have the popular support and the American people will cheer him on when he starts doing it GOOD AND HARD to the people who FULLY DESERVE to have it done good and hard to them.

But people clap back at me on social media by saying stuff like this:

“Nah, bro, Trump will be doing trade-offs with the GOP Establishment in a second term just like he did in the first term. He’ll have to make lousy cabinet picks, etc.”

This is how I can tell you’ve been consuming too much Fake News.

Trump’s been engaged in an eight-year-long HOSTILE TAKEOVER of the GOP. Hello?  Did you miss all of that?

He drove out The Ronna after helping her expose herself to fail spectacularly, and new RNC Chair Michael Whatley got an eyeful of that before his ascension.  At his elbow is Trump’s own daughter-in-law Lara Trump. He’s being watched. From up close. And he knows it. One false move and he’ll be gone.

No, Trump won’t be saddled with a Reince Priebus or a Sean Spicer this go-round.  He doesn’t have to do any freaking deals with the GOPe.

For anything.

Nikki Haley urges Ron DeSantis to 'hash it out' with Disney

Hell, those were the people who were so DESPERATE TO STOP HIM from securing the GOP nomination that they dumped hundreds of millions of their biggest NeoCon establishment donor’s money into the campaigns of Ron DeSantis and Nikki Haley. After bankrupting them and HUMILIATING them, Trump’s gonna turn around and do a deal with them? Why? What, exactly, does he need the GOP establishment for at this point? Somebody’s gonna have to explain that one to me.

Remember when some people made it a huge point to claim the reason the Trump base needed to abandon him and jump on the DeSantis train was that “We’d only have Trump for four more years, he can’t run for reelection! But Ron can! We’d get eight years of Ron!” and they acted like this was a compelling point?

Listen to me very carefully: when the deep and total and full corruption of your federal government has been laid bare over the past 4 very painful years, including how it’s illegally censoring hundreds of millions of Americans on social media via proxy cutouts, you don’t need a conventional politician to come in there and try to ‘manage’ it for eight years.

And I’ll tell you why.

That guy, whether Ron or somebody else, will restrict himself to work within the GOP establishment because his eye is going to be LOCKED ON to his reelection bid in 2028. Absolutely, he will temper and moderate and compromise and tone down any reforms because he needs to face the voters again in four years and **then** he’ll say he’s going to fully unleash himself against all that same vile corruption that’s oppressing the country. 

Is Trump... OK? | The Nation


Because if Trump wins reelection this November, he CAN’T run for President again. He’s gonna have NO REASON WHATSOEVER to moderate or compromise his federal government reforms because he’s NOT going to be facing the voters again.

He can LET ‘ER RIP.

And he’s already TALKING at length at his rallies about doing that.

Trump won’t have to play nice with ANYBODY. He can be a literal hatchet man, brought in to gut the ‘company’, fire everybody who needs to be fired, end entire divisions within the ‘corporation’, institute all the needed changes, and once his job is done, depart, handing the completely transformed federal government to his successor.

Fully understand the Deep State panic you’re seeing. It’s real. And it’s growing to where they can’t hide it, they can’t make themselves not talk about it.

Yes, they’re increasingly worried about what he’ll do if they fail to stop him.

Now, the Deep State is a truly international criminal cartel, BUT it gets most of its funding, manpower, and resources from the United States via our corrupted and controlled federal government.

They can SEE Trump coming.

And they’re HEARING Trump talk about what he’s gonna DO, once he gets there.

They thought the lawfare strategy would have ground Trump to dust by now. Instead, he’s thriving, more vibrant, energetic, and undefeated than ever. Yesterday, after being in court all day, he delivered pizza to NY City firefighters. 

Far from looking worried, depressed, hunted, dejected, defeated, or worn down, Trump looks like he’s having the time of his life.

This is while he openly brags about what he fully intends to do to his - and the American people’s - enemies once he is back in power. 

So, if the Deep State is very, very worried these days? That just means they’re paying attention.


Nothing they’re doing to stop him seems to be working.

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