The Explosive Book "Find Me The Votes" Finally Comes Up During The Fani Willis DQ Hearing

And Then Mollie Hemingway Throws The Spotlight On The Phone Call Used To Construct The Entire Case Against Trump Was...ILLEGALLY RECORDED

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So explosive developments occurred during the Fani Willis/Nathan Wade disqualification hearing.

First, a new witness testified to the panel yesterday regarding a filing she made in the case. In her testimony, FINALLY, the door was opened to discussing the forthcoming book from investigative reporters Michael Isikoff and Daniel Klaidman.

News of this book had broken with an explosive filing in the case back on February 11, but the DQ hearing had dragged on for a week and a half without the issue of the book ever arising.

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Atlanta defense lawyer Ashley Merchant very powerfully and effectively testified for several hours about her knowledge of how the Fulton County prosecution team pursued an absurd RICO criminal conspiracy case against President Donald J. Trump and over a dozen codefendants while giving Fake News Media reporters a staggering amount of access to grand jury materials.

“Yeah, I can’t believe Willis and Wade were dumb enough to do this either!”

I had done a column on the day the story about Isikoff & Klaidman’s extraordinarily troubling and illegal access to grand jury evidence broke.

In the above video, I am reading out that column.

Now, right on the heels of Merchant’s testimony, Mollie Hemingway of The Federalist just published this column going into great detail about how the phone call used as the foundation stone of Willis’ entire RICO ‘overturn the 2020 election’ case against Trump in Georgia was…illegally recorded.

Not only were Fani Willis and Nathan Wade aware that the phone call between Donald Trump, Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, and Deputy Secretary of State Jordan Fuchs had been illegally recorded by Fuchs, but they had also given Fuchs immunity to testify to their grand jury about having made the illegal recording.

Just when I think this case can’t get any more bizarre or go off the rails any further than it already has, it goes and surprises me.

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, President Donald J. Trump, and some ditz who didn’t know Florida law about full-party consent for recording phone calls.

Fuchs admits to having illegally recorded the phone call in the state of Florida, where the consent of all parties involved in the conversation must be obtained for any recording to be legal. If you tape another party surreptitiously without their permission, you have committed an illegal act.

Not only did Fuchs illegally record the conversation between Trump, Raffensperger and herself, she immediately leaked the recording to the Washington Post.

Do you know what this means? This sudden and very timely ‘revelation’ that the phone call the entire case is constructed on top of was illegally recorded? And to get that illegally made phone call recording to the grand jury, Willis & Wade had to give Fuchs immunity from being prosecuted for the crime she committed?

It’s the final sign that this case was never really going anywhere, and the whole thing was a farce and a joke from the start.

“People in masks cannot be trusted.”

I know some commentators out there insist that despite everything that’s come out, Judge McAfee will shrug and refuse to remove Willis and Wade from the case.

However, given the mounting evidence of incompetence, direct prosecutorial misconduct on multiple and growing issues [many of which I discuss in the video at the beginning of this post], and outright financial misappropriations and embezzlement, it is becoming clear that McAfee himself would instantly become the locus of his own national scandal should he fail to do the right thing.

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