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You are correct.

I know, I've lived that life.

I remember the beef, pork, lamb, chickens, turkey, geese, rabbits my Dad raised. They all had one thing in common, rich yellow fat and it was delicious. Why? Because he planted his field with the grains to make the feed that his stock ingested. He also put them out to pasture in the Spring to rip up the soil for new planting and we had the pleasure of spending our days watching the livestock, so they didn't wander off...Everybody had a job to do...every.single.day.

These Grass-fed this and that and the other thing; doesn't make the grade. Why? Because they are not getting the real grains that are necessary to produce the flavorful fat in developing the meat for human consumption. If there is no fat, there is no flavor and the meat it tough, and the animals taste like 'wild game'; i.e. deer, wild turkey, wild goose, wild duck (and they have their place on the dinner table and we ate it, along with raccoon and woodchuck; what's a guy to do when he has a family of 9 to feed?)

Did I mention we also had our fair share of smelt, trout, bass, perch, blue gills and bullheads too, ... you get the gist...we ate good and we made our own butter, our own lard, drank raw milk (didn't know anything about "listeria"...and all that jazz.)

Mom baked every Wednesday and Friday and we had fresh desserts every.single.night...yes, cakes, pies, cookies, puddings, canned berries with whipped cream, shortcakes, apple crisp, you name it; Mom made it...And we didn't get sick. We were not fat...Mom was worried about her children because we were so thin....

I could go on and on and on...but I will stop.

My point is; get rid of the crap in your diet and eat REAL Food...not what the government or pharma or your doctor tells you to eat. If an ingredient is unpronounceable...it belongs in a chemistry lab project...not in your body for energy and building the immune system.

I've wrote way too much. Apologies.

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Love this so much! I agree on the “unpronounceable”. It’s a good rule of thumb: if you can’t pronounce it, don’t eat it.👍

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AMEN! Excellent exposure that will help many to return to good health! Thank you, Brian, and God bless your ‘much slimmer’ self!🙏🙏

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Check out this video from this doctor. She treats diabetics. Unfortunately she passed away in 2022.


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Do not skim this article- you might come away with the wrong take. Animal fats do not make you sick; Seed oils make you sick. Most important take-aways: 1. Get all of your fats from animals and seafood. 2. Get none of your fats from plants or seeds (which oils are produced in factories).

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Like you I have no doubt that the ‘healthy wholegrains...’ advertising spiel behind processed breakfast cereal profiteering is bullshit – but here you are equating that bs with ‘wholegrains’ per se. Here’s a list of ‘healthy’ wholegrains recommended by the Mayo Clinic: Barley. Bulgur, Farro. Millet. Quinoa. Black rice. Brown rice. Red rice. Wild rice. Oatmeal. Popcorn. Whole-wheat flour. Whole-grain breakfast cereals. Whole-wheat bread, pasta or crackers… Most of this list is part of my own diet – and I never touch processed breakfast cereals. What you’ve done here is the equivalent of what you call the ‘vegan propaganda’ - showing a picture of a greasy triple cheese big mac and claiming that as representative of all meat eating. If you have to grossly exaggerate, my suspicion is you may well be on very shaky conceptual ground.

Now I do not doubt that there are utterly corrupt and evil forces out there encouraging people to harm themselves in all kinds of ways that lead to tidy profit for minorities of sociopaths and psychopaths - that part of your thesis is demonstrably true. But you are not supporting this in this instance against what you term the ‘vegan propaganda ‘. I have (quickly) found contrary data from your instance on meat consumption from the US Dept Of Agriculture: I repeat from my last reply:

“The important point is that there has been a remarkable increase in the intake of dietary fats over the past three decades (see Table 3) and that this increase has taken place practically everywhere except in Africa, where consumption levels have stagnated. The per capita supply of fat from animal foods has increased, respectively, by 14 and 4 g per capita in developing and industrialized countries…


So which data do we trust - or do we just cherry pick the dataset that suits our own case?

As for the diets of our forebears – which generation? Which previous generation of ‘meat eating’ forebears could eat as much as they wanted, when they wanted, in an unfathomably complex post-industrial society with psychological pressures and confusions outside anything those ancestors could begin to imagine. Most of our ancestors likely spent most of their time working to provide their next meal, in whatever form they could get it. Most of our ancestors didn’t have the luxury of choice – or the potential curse of far too much choice.

You’ve rounded up this piece with your ‘before-after’ photos – but these prove precisely nothing. You are definitely looking healthier for the weight loss – congrats, I hope you are indeed healthier and better for it. But – you don’t tell us if, or how you changed your diet. If you are simply eating less, more regularly, and better quality, then all things being equal you should lose weight. Whether that is meat and animal fats or not would not matter in this short-term instance: less excess intake, you will carry less excess. You have an 8 month experiment here where you have eaten more animal fat, but lost weight. If big pharma told you they had observed the effects of a given medication for eight months, in one individual, and that medicine had shown no significant side effects – how fast would you then take that medication?

As I wrote in my reply to your last posting on this subject – my understanding is that pollution, particularly oestrogen-mimicking plastics, are heavily correlated with the increases in all types of health issues in the past half century and more. That may be wrong – but in my opinion your piece here has ‘proven’ nothing regarding the consumption of animal fat, and left many legitimate questions unanswered. I’m a big fan of your political pieces though.

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