As usual Brian, another great column! Love The way you dig in and give us a clearer picture of what is really happening.

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Yup. Agree. This is what is happening. The most startling thing to me is being apparently surrounded by crowds who are absolutely clueless and are sleepwalking, willingly, into supporting WW3 and their own annihilation. I suspect, strongly, that waking these crowds up is the real war happening now.

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If we could get this in front of the fake news the world would explode. We’ve all known this stuff for years and the same people fell for this lie hook line and sinker. I’m truly tired of trying to RE-red pill my friends who just think the government wouldn’t lie about this even tho they lied about covid, Russia, the laptop, Ukraine, Clinton etc…I’ll share far and wide but all my peeps on line get it. It’s the maroons on Facebook etc that don’t, won’t or can’t.

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Great article... For the additional clue, go read this 2017 "fictional" scenario from John Hopkins that gamed out things our government and health bureaucracy should do in case of a "hypothetical" 3 year long "SPARS" pandemic.


TL/DR; they followed the playbook they wrote including the what to do about vaccine hesitancy

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Hey kids! Have you heard about this on Fox? CNN? MSNBC? NPR? Your fave newspaper? No? Oh… Well, the NEW MEDIA journalists are reporting on it. The legacy media will be forced to catch up in a few weeks. 😉

Good job, Brian. Many thanks for your keen insight and work ethic. I'm spreading the word.

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Because I follow you so closely on Telegram, I always have a pretty good idea about your next column. I've paid close attention to your MO for a long time. Analyze the data,, put your thoughts out on social media, arrange and organize content, dig up the sauce, self edit and publish. A winning strategy!

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Deep truth content in this needed article. Thank you Mr. Cates. Please add the year to the date on your articles, for someday they will serve as study material for how the world was saved!

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This is the lawsuit I've been waiting for. Bow Tie guy is gonna have books and movies written about him.


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Excellent reporting and analysis that I've come to rely on. I wonder if, at this point, there are records in existence in Kiev which establish the extent of money laundering and which Putin can secure.

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Another fantastic article.

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Very good take Mr. Cates. I'd only add that it was evident during the Obama years that himself and Sec. Clinton were trying to surround Putin with NATO Nations and "Defensive Missiles" when Putin plainly saw what they were doing. We now know what the finishing steps would've been had Hillary won.

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Aug 1, 2022·edited Aug 1, 2022

Thanks for this excellent article.

Here's a part of the story no one ever tells, and that's about how and why Congress was so easily corrupted. It starts with the Corporations Act of 1870 in which our Constitution was repurposed to serve the European banking cartel so we could pay off our huge civil war debts. Then in the Treaty of 1871 we sold Washington DC to the Vatican for the same reason, which is why DC has its own Constitution and its own laws pursuant to the Vatican's draconian legal system. By the time the bankers had sealed the deal with the 1913 Federal Reserve Act, the Bank of England had control over both our economy and our government. People don't realize the original 13th Amendment forbade any titles of nobility in our Congress, but the British had gained control over that too in 1812 when they burned down the White House and set the stage for our continued (and secret) subservience to the British Empire.

Most people don't realize the Bank of England owns both the illegal Federal Reserve and the IRS lock, stock, and barrel. Our tax dollars actually go to the Bank of England, and the Queen controls our Social Secuarity system. King George III was instrumental in imposing British influence over America, even though he was long dead by the time the bankers' plan was finally completed. (You can look up "The Missing 13th Amendment" to see how this all happened.) My point is, we never actually won our Revolutionary War, and history was written so we'd never realize it. The British Empire has had control over our government and our economy throughout our entire life times, and the European banking cartel which advised King George III was in on it from the beginning.

This is all documented if you're willing to research it, but let's be clear about the fact that our government has been controlled for much longer than any of us have been alive. Our military strength has been utilized under false pretenses to terrorize the rest of the world on behalf of the European bankers and other nefarious entities. They did the same to Russia in the early 1900s, which is why Putin is so incredibly focused on stopping the cabal from destroying Russia's sovereignty (and ours).

To fully understand how to connect the dots, it's important to remember that Adam Weishaupt founded the Illuminati in 1776 and eventually had co-opted the Freemasons in most countries over the next 10 years. His protocols for the Illuminati included world domination, and America (under bankers' control) was always part of that plan. Everyone should know by now the bankers have controlled the Five Eyes Nations, including the US and Canada, from their beginnings. Our government was purposely corporatized after it was forced into bankruptcy, and so we became the world's largest distributor of oil, weapons, PHARMACEUTICALS, and other resources to remain solvent at the behest of the European bankers. That is how our government became so corrupt since it was always run as a corporatocracy and never as part of a truly capitalist society. The most powerful lobby in the world is Big Pharma, and our Congress people depend on them for their bread and butter thanks to John D. Rockefeller who promoted our nation's dependence on that industry.

Concerning the above article, I've been warning people about US biolabs in other countries for years, especially since China was given our tax dollars to continue research on the patented US virus before the 2014 moratorium on gain-of-function research began. Later patents kept on showing up in the US, but no one had connected the dots to realize the US government has owned a huge piece of the vaccine patents since 2015 (see Glenn Beck's expose). So, YES, there were patents on the vaccines for covid 19 long before the pandemic. which Congress expected to capitalize on. And no, once Trump took office in 2016, he couldn't stop them if he expected any support from Congress to get re-elected. (They screwed him anyway.) Please keep in mind that both parties were co-opted long before there was even a hint he could become President.

The most difficult aspect to explaining any of this is the depopulation agenda as pursuant to the now demolished Georgia Guidestones. Both Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump have always known about it, but the average American has been purposely kept in the dark. After all, how much explanation would have made this all pallatible even three short years ago? So, most have no clue concerning the racist agenda of the World Economic Forum (Illuminati), and the "Woke" movement doesn't realize the agenda they embrace is racist because they don't understand its purpose is to create a "Master Race" in a continuation of Hitler's Third Reich. Without digressing into too much detail, suffice it to say the World Economic Forum wants to reduce the world's population by 90 percent or more so they can replace us with new programmable "Humans 2.0." All of this has been outlined numerous times in the World Economic Forum's ongoing promotion of the pandemic, the climate crisis, overpopulation, etc. Thanks for reading.

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If I could force every normie to read only one article, it would be difficult to imagine a better choice. Everything we're seeing, from the election theft to the sedition Durham is prosecuting all comes back to the influence of these insane super-elitists and their minions. Anyone who reads this with an open mind will better understand our world, our enemy and the stakes involved.

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Great read, thank you Sir.

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Wow, very Insightful writing as usual Brian. Looking forward to your next article.

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Mar 25, 2022·edited Mar 25, 2022

I wrote this as a YT comment which immediately was deleted by YT's algorithms.

A lot of this is thanks to Brian's articles which made more sense than much of the speculation running rampant in the MAGA community.


Breaking News…The WEF’s Great Reset has died, Klaus Schwab’s (codename: BLOFELD) little social engineering project was initially wounded back in Nov 2021 when Omicron variant appeared on the scene and vaccinated much of the population against itself and the Delta variant, herd immunity is kicking in and the need for Schwab’s plandemic and his vax death shots and boosters is past.

Then their Plan took a kick in the head when a little known group of truckers drove into Ottawa and setup bouncy castles, hot tubs and street hockey to protest vax mandates in Canada. This caused WEF agent PM Justin Trudeau(codename SOCKS) to flip out, run into his safe space and call them bad names.

Then his gang came up with the bright idea of using something called the Emergencies Act as a sledgehammer to crush the protesters and make himself look like a hero. Of course Agent SOCKS is more inept than Inspector Clouseau and this backfired, Agent SOCKS was forced to revoke his own emergency order and give back all the stuff he stole from the truckers.

It also caused almost all of the provincial governments to withdraw and cancel their mandates and restrictions including the vax passports.

These actions also caused the trucker movement to spread worldwide, causing Schwab and the WEF more headaches.

As a side note it also crushed the already pathetic reputation of Agent Socks and confirmed that he was an escaped clown from a Barnum and Bailey circus.

Finally Vlad the Mad Putin had enough of the sideshow being run in Ukraine by the WEF’s other agent George Soros(codename:PALPATINE) and went in with his cleanup crew to finally take down the infestation of WEF vermin and their massive operation such money laundering among other nefarious activities like SPECTRE, err I mean WEF run biolabs.

Of course some of their other agents like HRC (codename: EVERGREEN) have called for immediate defense of their operations, uhmm I mean the defense of those poor Ukrainian peasants since their attempt to use the script from Wag the Dog didn’t work and appeals from Agent Zelensky (codename: COMEDIAN) for Western intervention and WW3 haven’t worked either.

The WEF Great Reset plan is dead, these ‘announcements’ and declarations are all Hail Mary plays to try and hold onto whatever control they have on the sheep who may still be paying attention to them.

You can sense and see the panic from all the dirty politicians who have ‘interests’ tied into Ukraine like FJB(codename: Big Guy) and his son Agent Crackhead.

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