Oh, Brian, you most pesky, tenacious patriot journalist!! You are a breath of fresh air and a most welcome reminder that the patriots should be irritants to government officials who do not have the good will of the people. Like a couple of others, you’ve nailed the real purpose behind Putin. Thank God for all of you!

God bless and protect you.🙏

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''Not only is much of the world’s true history rewritten, altered and hidden from the public by the Powers That Be, these same dark forces have also been busy in the present day rewriting current events as they unfold.''

They're also CREATING FAKE HISTORY. Crazy stuff. Check out what a small group of Redditors have found about Jeffrey Dahmer:


So, far, I think they've found three victims alive. These guys got arrested after the trial and the moderator found their mugshots. There's also a pic from one of them in 2015.

There are also legal anomalies with the trial. There's a bunch of information in the sidebar links. This is the kind of stuff they've been doing to us for decades.

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