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If They're REALLY Going To Try This? Why Democrats CAN'T WAIT Until **AFTER** The DNC To Replace Joe Biden

All kinds of ballot and fundraising and other issues grow bigger and bigger the longer they wait
Biden wanders off set while MSNBC host still speaking | Fox News Video

It's been a very popular talking point in recent months that the Democrats are waiting until the Dem. Nat'l Convention [DNC] is held in Chicago, Illinois in mid-August to replace Joe Biden and Kamala Harris with a new presidential ticket.

Here I explain why, if this really is their plan, to swap out Biden/Harris for a new campaign team, waiting until AFTER the DNC has been held makes no sense whatsoever.

If they wait THAT long to make the swap, they might not even be able to get their cool new President/VP ticket on the ballot in some states like Ohio.

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A lot of political commentators and media pundits are absolutely convinced at this point that Biden won’t be the Democrat Party nominee on the November ballot.

One problem with their making this swap is that every single person they could swap Biden out for polls LOWER than he does head-to-head vs. Trump. So if they make the trade, they end up sliding backward and would face having to make up even more ground to make a steal for the new candidate look at least plausible.

This is assuming they don’t use Biden and his handlers trying to start WW3 with Russia and the BRICs Bloc as an excuse to cancel the election. Or if the election is held and Trump wins it, to claim he won only due to ‘foreign interference’ so they can refuse to certify his win.

I’ll be discussing those possible scenarios in my next column.

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