Brian, I do not know if you have seen my posts on TS, but you simply MUST read this article from the Epoch Times, which features my footage of 2 federal agents attacking the Capitol on January 6th. It was just featured on the cover of the Epoch Times Insight Magazine, and next week they will release a 2-part special featuring my footage.

"Based on what he says he witnessed on Jan. 6, the grizzled radio veteran and honorably discharged Marine believes the men in the video are FBI or other government agents who were assigned to draw then-President Donald Trump supporters into the Capitol building so they could be arrested.

"If proven true, Powell’s allegation would be the latest explosive evidence suggesting that federal agencies played a role in the Capitol riots."


If you don't think amplifying it is worth your time, please tell me so I can concentrate my efforts to push the video into the mainstream elsewhere.



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Thank you for posting the link. This is the first I have seen this particular story. We have all known for a long time that the "attack" on the Capitol was done by operatives and insurgents, not Trump supporters. I will share this on Twitter. I hope Brian can take this and run with it too, he has many followers on TG and Truth Social, as well as here.

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Thank you. While you're at it (I've been banned like 5 times over my J6 footage) please thank @StomptheTerra for the "Pizza" .gif, and let her know I'm watching her.

See, she's best friends with Antifa financier and heir to the P&G fortune Peter Fournier, AKA Goblin Seimen, who once took offense to something I said on air, and flew from Portland to Michigan, then traveled to my home so he could deliver a pizza from "a secret admirer," that he'd admitted on Twitter that he'd poisoned.

He was so proud of himself that even took video of his crime and uploaded it to Twitter.

See it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H-1IyQHglCY

The FBI is going to be paying him a visit soon, and I want him to know about it.

Thanks, Dave.

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Mr. Powell, I know I've veiwed that video somewhere in the past. It should be shared far and wide. Even though I subscribe to Epoch Times they've erected an additional paywall to view the video there. That is a business decision and it's their right to do, but those images are too important to be kept exclusive. I hope you will make it available to all.

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I have no say in the business practices of ET, but I agree with you. Here is the footage in question, upon which the story was based.


And here it the Dropbox link to the raw video with natural sound. I'm literally giving it away to anyone who wants it. Probably why I'm broke. LOL. Great reporter, terrible businessman.


It's all yours.

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Going through the files now. Thank you.

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Jun 9, 2022·edited Jun 9, 2022

Brian, I really hope you're right. But, these corrupt fascist mofos would burn the country down rather than give up power.

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They might well try, but I'm praying the patriots really are in control.and will not allow it to get that far

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On target as usual, Brian. When Q posted “These people are stupid “ [and sick], it wasn’t allegory. We have it all, and we caught them all is soon going to be “we crushed them all”. Drip, drip, flood isn’t just about information, it’s also about their downfall. 🙏🇺🇸🙏

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The only way you’re gonna have full confidence that this plan is working and basically has already worked is with a biblical perspective and listening to the prophets that the LORD is using as a mouthpiece right now. All of this points to God wins and is in the year of 2022.  Thank you Brian for another great article. 

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Quite right, this is absolute desperation on their part. These are supposed adults, closing their eyes and hiding under the pillow as the bogeyman enters the bedroom. This is exactly what happens, eventually, every time, when people live inside their imagined world, instead of reality. They deserve everything that is coming at them, tenfold.

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I watched this Documentary this AM, not planning on watching their "movie" tonight. Footage I had not seen before. https://rumble.com/v17h6qx-the-truth-of-january-6th.html

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Thank you for posting that link.

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Jun 10, 2022·edited Jun 10, 2022

They can’t stop what’s coming, that’s true.

All you need to do is watch their panicked reactions on the world stage.

Not just the Dems and RINOs but their associates in the WEF and UN.

Americans only see their part of the world and at times miss the bigger picture.

The Cabal/Deep State/Swamp are steadily losing ground around the world but this means ever more desperate moves to hold onto power.

The good news is that their Day of Reckoning is drawing near, the bad news is that it’s going to have a costly price tag associated with it.

The J6 circus is propaganda directed not at Trump or MAGA supporters, it’s not even directed at normies but is instead meant for the Democrats own base. They need to stem their losses at the polls and the erosion of their support base so this event is meant to ‘convince’ the Dems own people they are still in charge and have Trump and his supporters running scared(Not).

The Cabal cannot allow the US midterms to proceed, we are at the point where no amount of cheating will change the midterm election results to allow them to keep their control.

When(not if) the Red Wave wipes out the Democrats power in the US, their Great Reset plans are indeed finished.

The only option open now to them is to try and start the 2nd American Civil War.

They tried to start WW3 over Ukraine but was stopped by the NATO military NOT willing to go along with confronting Russia directly.

They have already tried mass shootings and that hasn’t worked either, they’re still trying to use the pandemic book using Monkeypox but that’s flopped as well.

The thing which will come next is a repeat of Summer 2020 with more rioting but not limited to cities in blue states. I fully expect them to try and riot in red states as well as target killings of popular conservatives both politicians and pundits.

They cannot allow their US puppets to be voted out because the US is the lynchpin of their plans which are collapsing.

IMO, It’s going to get bloody the next few months and there is no avoiding it, average people need to be prepared to stand together to defend themselves.

Their attempt to disarm the citizens is a non-starter, even if they pass their ‘laws’ those can and will be challenged in court and most red states can choose not to enforce it.

Brian is right, if they could’ve stopped what is happening now they would have but it’s too late and now it’s time to pay up their long overdue Karmic debt.

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Good Afternoon Brian - I just subscribed so thanks for all the valuable insights. My wife and I follow you religiously. Your site on Telegram is the first stop in the morning news. Figured it was long past time for me to send you some $$. Let us know how Florida is from time to time, we are here in California but eager to throw in the towel and leave the land of the fruits and nuts. like to know what other states you considered before you settled on Florida. Thanks for all your hardwork.

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Brian, you are my go to source for all things Durham.

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Thank You Brian 🙏

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Here is Trump's January 6 speech on BitChute. https://www.bitchute.com/video/cUFyj8HepqAB/

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YouTube deleted Trumps speech!

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It's on BitChute if you want to listen. https://www.bitchute.com/video/cUFyj8HepqAB/

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I'm done with the hope-ism of "NCSWIC"! The wheels of Justice DO move slowly, but this is absurdly long. People want an arrest, people want someone accountable to what has happened with this country. The NCSWIC mantra is just that, a hoping that something changes, while our cities decay, our school systems quicken their paces to brainwash the next generation of youth, and our hegemony in the world circles the proverbial toilet bowl.

Just don't see it Brian. However, I did see the NY City Drag Day with kids and all those gleeful parents taking pictures and posting them online. The mere fact that adults see nothing wrong with kids spending the day with such people is the problem we have and NCSWIC will do nothing to change it. Our youth spends their time discussing LGBTQ+ topics and how to avoid a micro aggression while the rest of the world ramps up their next generation to dominate in the business world. Sorry again, NCSWIC just means little as hope is fleeting at a brisk pace. Each day Lady Liberty delays and more unequal justice occurs in our faces, the more one realizes that we're done for.

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Could you please spell out what NCSWIC means?

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Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming.

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I wish I could believe it, and I hope you are correct.

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Brian- your writing, critical analysis and reasoning are IMPECCABLE and I am so encouraged by what you have to say. I treasure your writing beyond others' input. Love you, my brother, for your courage & insight. THAT SAID, as an English teacher of many years, I cannot resist the impulse to point out that you continue to mistreat IT'S and ITS...unlike the British, we distinguish between it's and its. https://www.dictionary.com/e/its-vs-its/

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