"I have to be honest here about just how much I can’t stand the pro-Trump doomers. They really do piss me off."


You know what else pisses me off?

Those Pro-Trump Doomers who insist: "Well, I support President Trump and I hope he has learned from his mistakes that he made in 2017 when he appointed RINOS and was all in on the COVID mRNA shots."...... I really fume at those 'armchair quarterbacks" who have absolutely no clue what was actually going on in the background when President Trump was faced with 1) The Devil and 2) The Deep Blue Sea.

No one knew or knows today what he was faced with and he has stated, emphatically, many times that he knows he made mistakes but he was not a DC insider and was not familiar enough to make his own decisions based on his personal and professional knowledge but did in fact, have to rely on what he was told, by those in his inside circle, were reputable and trustworthy people of character and they could be "trusted" to do what is best for MAGA.

Anyone who has been in a similar situation during their life experiences knows what this means in reality. Circumstances and people are NOT always what they seem to be until they are tested.

That's human nature on display. Most, with experience in life, can recognize it and dismiss it as you so perfectly demonstrated, Brian.

Hat-Tip Brian Cates; great insight.

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And I don't know of anyone who can get more out of people who secretly or even openly oppose him than Our President. Hell! He gets the whole Drive Bye Propaganda Media to spread the word for him! Stollen? Covfefe?

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They piss me off too. A great majority of them must get their news from the lame stream media. The talking heads gloss over the actual laws. I'm waiting for Smith to be disqualified because he is not constitutionally appointed. He has no authority whatsoever to be given all the powers of the federal govt to investigate anyone.

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Perfect post, Brian! My favorite part you applied to the forecast switch, but it applies to all of the minions on both sides of the aisles….”….will instead be a fumbling, bumbling, desperation-sweat-covered farce of historic proportions.” 🤡🤡. This describes the ever more panicked and pathetic moves from the established political elites!

God bless you.🙏🙏

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Once again thank you. On every level. The Doomers are totally obnoxious. As for Raskin, my reaction was laughter. As if the Republican house would even bring it to the floor if he managed to write it? Ha! Such an obvious attempt to lock in the latest smear they came up with. Like Schiff /Russia. It sure feels like the Dems /RINO Republicans are slobbering all over themselves with frustration. They need rabies shots before they go completely utterly mad.

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Care to name names? None of the Truthers I follow are blathering on about how hopeless the MAGA mission to (officially) take back the White House is. I'd like to know who is so I know who to ignore. As far as I'm concerned, if you're not sure that Our President is going to win in November, you're not really supporting him, you're just putting out defeatist energy.

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