This movement has brought out some incredible citizen investigative journalists. Over time now, the best ones are rising to the top. Whether, their theories play out completely as proposed or not is not the point. The amount of well-thought out information and research using open sources is excellent. Citizens can now educate themselves reading material such as this. Its so refreshing as compared to the spit out propaganda of the MSM.

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Is Durham deliberately holding the early "failed" trials in the swamp to show how corrupt the judiciary is, and to give a reason for change of venue petitions for trials of the bigger fish? Ideally those change of venue petitions should come from a cornered AG himself. The swamp trials are certainly demonstrating the dire straits of American jurisprudence.

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Well done Brian!!! I'm listening....actually, I'm in the middle of a conversation turned sort of an argument with a friend, and this read gave me info ammunition so to speak that I needed. Thanks my friend, much appreciated!

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This is taking so long and the country is being destroyed while Durham grinds through the process. I hope heads roll soon.

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Mr. Durham had better move this case out of the DC courts to a less politically motivated jury or he will likely get the same results.

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Your analysis is spot on and we agree. I'm always fighting with the naysayers who accuse Durham of being a fraud. It gets tiring. But now you've made your substack private I can't use you to back my arguments? Well ... okay. Are you sure this is the best way to get more subscribers? So, your choice obviously but ... ???

I've already said a coupla times how much I care about you and greatly love and respect your work. But this time, for the second time, I'm gonna say as well:

I love citizen journalists. And I love it more when they re-read their articles to copy edit and correct typos. I love reading smoothly and hate interruptions to the flow —and you do have some lovely turns of phrase! You repeat an error though, like many, that is beginning to piss me off because I've mentioned it before. Now I've started to count the number of times the mistake is repeated in any one article. It's becoming obsessive!!! Put me out of my misery, please please, please😍🍰🍩. I'm an ex-English teacher (to foreigners) so it hurts my eyes and head! If I can get my dumbo studes to write the basics perfectly I am well pleased and they get jelly-beanz😎. If not, well, then there's a bit of a penalty 😰 ...

it's = apostrophe means a letter is omitted. Could be it IS or it HAS.

its = no apostrophe means no letter is omitted. The word acts as a 'possessive adjective' like his her or their

For example:

It's a hoax. IS ; It's been a hoax all along. HAS ; The Witch's got a lot to answer for HAS

her own party had to rig it’s nomination system WRONG. ITS

undermining it’s national security WRONG . ITS

undermining it’s national security as they implement one disastrous policy after another that puts America last and the interests of the CCP and it’s allies first. (x2) BOTH WRONG . ITS and ITS

I love citizen journalists and hate being a horrid grammarNazi commenter. So have mercy on me!

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