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Sep 24, 2022·edited Sep 24, 2022

Brian, I don't think any one who is on President Trump's side thinks it's the wrong strategy, they just don't have much hope that it will make any difference, even if we win. Most of us know that this Globalist Deep State/Shadow Government is extremely powerful and even if we all win, they will just do something else to continue their take over of the planet. The have it all! The money, the puppets, the numbers, their biolabs, their militarized FBI and now IRS,.....and the fact that they don't believe in any rules or laws any more. How can people like that lose?

They would set off a bomb right here in the middle of our Country, with no care for the Collateral Damage,...(more depopulation! yea!) just to keep their Control of this Country and the PLANET. They would of course blame it on someone else,...and the Normies would believe it and launch an attack at who every they blamed. Then they would wait in their gorgeous well fueled, well fed BUNKERS deep under the ground till the Radiation dissipated and come out and RULE AGAIN.

This Khazarian Mafia from Ukraine,....the Shadow Government who's President-KING has taken all power from our Congress and the DOJ,.....these people aren't going to let us get between them and the plan they've been working on for over 2000 years! If they don't win this WAR,....and get their Global CBDC RESET, they will be finished. And they know this. They will do anything to WIN. And Politics and law suits and rallies, they won't do a thing to stop them.

This can only be won by the Militaries of all Sovereign Countries working together to kill them off.

That doesn't mean I won't VOTE!! I will vote my ass off to try to make it hard for these evil creatures,....but I do not expect it to be enough to save this Country from those with NO RULES to Hold them back. We fight with our hands tied behind our backs! They fight with their fists right in front of our faces!

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