As More Americans Stop Using Seed Oils & Margarine, Suddenly Bill Gates Is Pushing Fake Butter

They Are Determined To Get Rid of Real Food To Force You To Eat Toxic Crap

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[Just a quick note: I am still trying to understand why the audio is good, but the video visibly skips many frames. I’ve re-uploaded it three times now, so it appears to be a Substack problem]

Bill Gates pushing his new fake synthetic ‘butter’.


So, just as many Americans are waking up to the dangers of seed oils and starting to wonder why all these government health/medical science ‘experts’ never sounded any alarm about these toxic oils and chemicals being pumped into the American food supply, here comes billionaire Bill Gates very helpfully introducing a new synthetic fat product onto the market.

In the 42-minute video above, I discuss why Gates is doing this now.

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