VIDEO: News of the Week for Feb. 2 - 9, 2023

There's A Lot Going On, And I Try To Cover It All

  1. A Chinese Psy Op Balloon

  2. Biden Scandals Continue To Grow - Hand written notes

  3. The Classified Documents Scandal & Hunter Biden Laptop streams have crossed

  4. The Hunter Lawsuit Misfire

  5. McCarthy Follows Through With Committee Changes & These New Committees Are LIT

  6. Throws Adam Schiff, Eric Swalwell & Ilhan Omar Off Committees

  7. Adds 3 top conservatives to the key committee that controls the House purse strings; Massie VOWS to strip all Ukraine funding

  8. Russian Oligarch behind Burisma Energy & Nazi units in Ukraine gets raided

  9. The Ukraine “War” was over long ago - they’re just pretending it’s still going on for financial reasons. Tanks don’t change anything, it’s all a show

  10. Adani Green Energy Collapse in India has similarities to FTX/Alameda

  11. We’re still waiting for those Fauci Files. Now would be a very good time for them to drop with the Congressional hearings underway. Elon is helping the investigators by turning over more evidence, as Lauren Boebert proved.

  12. Rep. Nancy Mace of SC angrily questioned Twitter execs after revealing she is vaccine injured. This is exactly what we need right now to reach that part of the country that isn’t pro-Trump…yet.

  13. After seeing what happened with these Twitter executives, will future witnesses start defying the committee subpoenas? Very interesting things could result if they do…

  14. I have no idea what’s going on with PV and James O’Keefe. Daily Caller says this is partially related to the two people who pleaded guilty to selling the Ashley Biden diary to PV. But O’Keefe stridently insisted PV did not purchase the diary and indeed they never published it or used it in their reporting.

  15. The Seymour Hersh story about Biden being behind the Nordstream sabotage.