Special Counsel Robert Hur Was Not At All Honest About Why He Didn't Charge Joe Biden

No federal officer may file a criminal charge against the Chief Executive

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Who is Robert Hur? AG Merrick Garland picks special counsel to probe ...
“Yeah, OK, I bullshitted you folks; sorry about that. I actually never had any authority to file federal charges of any kind against a President still in office…”

I continue to be amazed by the chatter I see on X and other social media following p[R]esident Joe Biden’s recent State of the Union rant.

One of the most depressing sights I've ever witnessed is the lack of concise thought and the way many people let themselves be misdirected because they don’t remember anything.

If you were paying attention during the Clinton years - and I was - you learned why Special Counsel Ken Starr could not criminally charge his then-Chief Executive Bill Clinton with having committed the federal crime of suborning perjury.

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And then if you were again paying attention during President Donald J. Trump’s first term in the White House - and I was - you were **reminded** once again that no federal law enforcement officer can file a federal indictment targeting their boss, the Chief Executive.

DOJ does not turn over Hur-Biden interview transcript despite House ...

But what happened when Special Counsel Robert Hur released his findings in a report on Biden’s criminal theft of classified documents, and the Special Counsel decided to engage in a bit of misdirection by LYING about why he wasn’t going to file an indictment against the current Chief Executive?


No federal officer may criminally charge the Chief Executive of the federal branch of our government.

Now, why Hur just didn’t come out and SAY THAT instead of doing this stupid and dishonest song-and-dance number about Dementia Joe being senile and a nice doddering old man no jury would convict?


I can’t tell you why Hur did that instead of telling the truth.

Perhaps someone should ask him if they get an opportunity.

Like say, he gets in front of a Congressional Committee, and lawmakers get to ask questions.

I would REALLY LIKE TO SEE someone, maybe Jim Jordan, James Comer, Matt Gaetz, Rand Paul or Thomas Massie ask Hur THIS IMPORTANT AND CONCISE QUESTION:

“Special Counsel Hur, you state in your report that you decided not to file a criminal indictment against President Joe Biden because you didn’t think a jury would convict him, even though he was obviously guilty of several federal felonies.

But isn’t it true that you have no ability whatsoever as a federal officer to file a criminal indictment against the current Chief Executive? Why didn’t you just say in your report that you are not able to indict the head of the government’s federal branch?

I’d be **extremely interested** in what Hur’s answer to that question would be.

I mean, wouldn’t you want to hear the answer, too? Why did Hur feel compelled to mislead the public about his decision not to do something he never had any ability to do in the first place? WHY lie about this? What’s the reason?


In the meantime, I’m still watching people on my TV and social media babbling that Biden is obviously competent to stand trial, so Hur and Garland need to file an indictment against him.

Biden’s MENTAL COMPETENCY, or lack of it, was never the issue.

Garland and Hur were never and are never going to indict Joe Biden because they CAN’T indict Joe Biden while he is in the White House.

Confusion of thought leads people into chaos.

Concise thought and a damn good memory will keep you focused on reality instead of chasing rabbits down rabbit holes and getting lost because you didn’t spot somebody deceiving you.