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Saw The New Flynn Movie

You Really Should, Too

Want to know why the Deep State needs to be destroyed?

Watch the

The family of General Michael T. Flynn is only ONE of the families the Deep State has done its damnedest to destroy. And this film very expertly and informatively educates the viewer on what the entire Flynn family was put through during a literal modern day inquisition that should have NEVER happened.

Want to see what methods & strategies the Deep State uses to try to destroy threats to itself?

Watch the

The wrap-up smear, illegal targeted leaking to the Fake News, a weaponized DOJ, a rogue FBI…it’s all here. The story is truly infuriating and motivating.

Want to see how you overcome the Deep State & defeat it?

Watch the

The Flynn family used its faith in God and the strong patriot community to overcome and defeat and now counterattack the Deep State that was so determined to destroy them. This film depicts how they survived the onslaught and are now taking back ground with the help of a vast American patriot community.

Want to see why the only man the Deep State fears more than Donald J. Trump is General Michael T. Flynn?

Watch the

The documentary film goes in-depth into the plotting and strategic planning of the outgoing Obama administration as it literally moved Heaven and Earth to achieve its goal of getting Flynn out of the Trump White House as quickly as possible.

Rice Details U.S. Whole-of-Government Approach to Defeating ISIL > U.S ...
Gotta do something about that Flynn fellow…Trump’s inauguration is in just 15 days, you know…

Oh, and the video I made up there.

You should definitely watch that, too!

Very few journalists, with the exception of Tracy Beanz, who appears in the film, have the extensive knowledge that I do about the entire Flynn prosecution hoax.

The Live Tour for the Flynn Movie continues; find a showing near you at the link below.

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