Read Along With Brian: Trump The Warmonger vs The Foreign Policy Wonks of Peace: Part 1

Remember When The Entire International Globalist Foreign Policy Establishment Told You This Whopper With One Smothering Voice? And Just How False It Turned Out To Be?

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Over the next three days, I will be reading through my epic three-part column series from late last year: “Trump The Warmonger vs The Foreign Policy Wonks of Peace”!

I believe it’s important to revisit this series at this time due to the Shadow Cabal now running the same “Trump/Russia Russia RUSSIA!!!!” playbook it did during the 2016 election and into Trump’s first term as President.

They will spend the next 8 1/2 months furiously selling the narrative that Trump **cannot be trusted** on foreign policy because he is in Russian President Vladimir Putin’s back pocket.

As journalist Michael Tracy concisely pointed out on X the other day, they all act like the Mueller and Durham Special Counsel investigations never happened. As if the utterly fake ‘Trump/Russia collusion hoax’ concocted by the Hillary Clinton campaign back in 2015/2016 is a ‘proven fact.’

As an increasingly frail and bumbling and fumbling Joe Biden - supposedly too mentally gone to be put on trial for stealing classified papers, to hear the latest Special Counsel report tell it - continues to bring the United States to the very brink of World War 3, the globalist foreign policy establishment is going to be carpet-bombing mainstream propaganda outlets with endless stories about how Donald J. Trump needs to be kept FAR AWAY from the White House.

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I’m not saying it is a coherent narrative - because it's not. I’m saying because they are losing, and they are losing BADLY, this is the stupid playbook they are being FORCED to rerun for this 2024 election. They don’t WANT to trot this stupid RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA play out all over again; they’re being FORCED to do that.

The gaslighting is already failing. But really…what else can they do? …give up?

They’ll never do that.

That will make it so sweet when we utterly break them and return Donald J. Trump to the White House, despite all their frantic and increasingly desperate efforts to prevent that from happening.

When their power is utterly broken, and they fail to stop Trump, the entire world will see it. And be encouraged by it.

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Rise of the New Media Newsletter is a reader-supported publication. To receive new posts and support my work, consider becoming a paid subscriber.

Rise of the New Media Newsletter is a reader-supported publication. To receive new posts and support my work, consider becoming a paid subscriber.

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