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IT'S NOT YOUR IMAGINATION - They ARE Going Straight For Our Food Supply

They've been corrupting the food supply for some time now - but they've had to SPEED UP THE AGENDA to try to get ahead of The Great Awakening
Massive Protests as German Farmers Decry Stringent Regulations

So when I logged into X this morning, the first post I saw was this one:

Turns out General Michael Flynn didn’t much like this commie’s new 5-year plan involving the world food supply:

That led me to pen this response to the General:

Mike, now that they were forced to end their lockdowns prematurely thanks to the OMICRON variant, they'd already laid some of their cards on the table.

Now, they can't retreat; they've shown their intentions to those who are awake.

So they're literally being FORCED to plunge ahead as rapidly as they can, going straight for the world's food supply.

There's more than one way to engineer a famine to reduce the world's population by several billion in a short amount of time.

One is by eliminating the serf's access to all healthy food sources and forcing them to eat toxic/poisoned shit.

[Of course, anybody who thinks our elitist 'Masters' or 'gods' of this world will be eating the same bugs and fake meat as the serfs are still sound asleep]

Like the USSR commissars who had their hidden, private dachas where they enjoyed all the capitalist loot and fare denied the serfs of their country, I guarantee you these so called 'elites' will have their own private, hidden farms where they will fully exercise their privileges as the overseers of the world's population.

It starts in the NGO's like the WEF, then jumps to the UN and other international bodies, and then trickles down to the political class they control in each nation.

This program to take out the farmers in several EU countries is already well underway and has generated massive protests that much of the Western press ignores for some strange reason. 😉

They are currently trying to make the jump to the United States with this program, and it's going to be a lot of fun politically destroying any members of our political class owned by these assholes who quickly jump on board with the agenda of wiping out America's farms in order to 'save the planet' from 'climate change'.

When Trump gets back in the White House, 'climate-change-hoax ‘-proofing the US food supply is going to be one of the key jobs he faces.

I think he'll get it done.

In response to the Shadow Cabal’s now pretty naked power grab in encouraging the national politicians they own the world over to crack down on their farmers and ‘save the planet’ by reducing ‘greenhouse gases,’ I decided to do the hour-long video at the top of this page.

While The Great Awakening is winning this crucial fight for the future of this world, I freely admit it has been a long, hard, painful slog, and it will take some more time to achieve victory.

We’re in a war—a war for our very survival. And wars are not fun, even when you are winning them.

Never forget those who were lost in getting us to this point where we can press forward to victory. Their sacrifices were not in vain if we win.

And if we lose?

The entire world will plunge into darkness forever, and all our fighting will have amounted to nothing.

I am not interested in going out in a futile blaze of glory, charging into the enemy cannons with a gallant flourish.

The current fight of the farmers in many of the nations around the world today is an existential fight. They don’t intend to lose it.

Join them.

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