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It Doesn't Matter If There Was A "Plan" Or Not - Trump Continues To Expose The Deep State

Whether Trump had a plan from the start or not is now irrelevant. The Deep State's efforts to stop him are exposing and weakening them.

I've spent years watching all the arguments about whether or not Trump was deliberately following some 'plan' when it came to exposing/destroying the Deep State.

I have friends in the Q community. And I have friends who think the Q community is full of stark, raving lunatics. For years, this battle has raged over whether or not Trump and the people around him have been executing a clever plan or if, instead, they are a bunch of clueless idiots who’ve just massively failed over and over. Despite repeatedly making dumb/wrong moves because he’s just not all that bright or had bad advisors or whatever, The Teflon Don is still coming despite all their efforts to destroy him.

Please be aware that we're at the point where it does not matter if there was any 'plan' or not. The continuing exposure of the Deep State continues apace. “Plan” or “No Plan.”

In its efforts to stop Trump from coming back, the Deep State continues to further expose and weaken itself. Like a blood-suckin’ Dracula being forced out of the safe shadows into the increasingly rising and dangerous sunlight in a desperate bid to keep from getting staked through the heart by Trump Van Helsing, the Deep State can’t stop itself. It is very aware it is in an existential fight for its survival.

“Damn you, Trump Van Helsing! You’ve lured me into the light…again!”

In its natural habitat, deep in the shadows, the Deep State is very powerful. I certainly would not deny that.

But when trapped in broad daylight and forced to come out from behind the thick curtains and operate in the sun, all of a sudden, the Deep State starts bleeding away its power, influence, and control. The longer it stays trapped in the light, the weaker it will become.

So whether you believe Trump is executing some convoluted Machiavellian plan to expose the Deep State and then destroy it, or you think he’s merely a bumbling doofus who’s survived thus far and is still managing to cause massive problems for his enemies because he’s the luckiest son-of-a-bitch on God’s Green Earth?

What’s happening is still happening.

And that’s a beautiful thing.

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