Exploring The Idea of Diet Tied To Blood Type w. Linda Serieka and Saga Stevin

There's a school of thought that everyone's genetic markers are different, expressed by their blood type. I explore this idea with Linda Sereika and Saga Stevin

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Regarding everyone’s daily diet, perhaps ‘one-size-fits-all’ is not really the answer.

Some people insist that a Carnivore or Keto diet is the ‘best’ diet for everyone. Others claim they thrive on a vegetarian diet with little or no meat.

Although there is a vast genetic common ground between all human beings, there are also some marked differences, such as blood types.

Do people with different genetic markers, such as blood types A, B, O, or O+, thrive on the same diet? If not, why not?

How can you tell what your food sensitivities are by taking a simple blood test? Can you spot what foods are inflaming your body and which are most beneficial? You’re blood can tell a story about how your daily diet is affecting you over time.

I explored these questions with BScN, CGP & Life Blood Coach Linda Sereika, and Saga Stevin.

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