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Project Veritas' New Executive Producer Sits Down With Brian Cates

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Patrick Gunnels of Reading Epic Threads reads out Brian Cates' latest columns!
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UPDATE: I uploaded this recorded audio file from my phone and it appears only the first two minutes or so of the interview was actually preserved. I just learned the hard way not to trust the Recorder app on my phone. Somehow in saving the file it managed to erase the last 21 minutes of the interview. I am now going to go drink myself into a stupor. [Just kidding. I’m going to buy a professional grade audio recording program. ]

I met Patrick Davis, formerly of CNN and now Project Veritas’ new Executive Producer, completely by accident.

Back on the night of January 29th, as part of a crowd waiting to be let into the South Beach hotel ballroom in which James O’Keefe’s “Project Veritas Experience” show was to be performed, I took a picture of House Representative Madison Cawthorn of North Carolina as a distinguished looking gentleman was kneeling beside Cawthorn’s wheelchair and conversing with him.

Here is that picture:

Noticing that I had taken his picture, this gentleman later came over and engaged in some small talk. He asked me if I could text him a copy of the picture I had taken of him and Madison together, which I promptly did. During all of this, I never learned his name.

However, he soon realized I was a journalist, and that I had posted this picture to my Telegram account. He texted me later that night and very politely asked me if I would please remove that picture from my Telegram channel.

He explained to me at the time: “I work for PV and I’m currently undercover.” He also said: “I’ll give you a great story. Promise.”

So, still not knowing who he was, having no name and just a phone number in my contacts, I did as he asked. I removed the picture. After all, undercover operations are a big part of what Project Veritas does, and I would not want to do anything that would expose or jeopardize one of their initiatives.

I texted the mystery man back at the number he’d given me: “Done! I hope the picture doesn’t cause any issues for you.”

He responded “Thank you very much, I really appreciate it. I’ll let you know when it’s public. :) “

And that’s how things remained until CPAC 2022 in Orlando Florida was underway this past Thursday when Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe dropped a huge surprise on the assembled crowd during his appearance on the main stage.

An audience that included…ME…sitting way at the back of the room on media row.

James introduced the crowd to Project Veritas’ new Executive Producer PATRICK DAVIS, who had spent 25 years as an Operations Manager for CNN.

And the moment Patrick walked out onto the stage, I instantly recognized him. He’d asked me to take down the picture because he wasn’t ready for his big coming out party yet, which was to happen a month later at CPAC.

Patrick then went on to inspire the large crowed with a rousing speech about his disillusionment with the mainstream media which has corrupted itself, and why he is coming out of retirement to make a difference at Project Veritas.

Davis is well acquainted with Project Veritas, for what might seem to be extremely ironic reasons.

Because Patrick had actually been captured on video in one of Project Veritas’ undercover stings several years ago - before he retired from CNN.

I had actually watched that particular undercover video that featured Patrick Davis when it was first released. However, over two years later I did not connect the handsome, dynamic and happy looking gentleman in the suit in Miami with the depressed CNN guy morosely sharing his exasperated frustration with a Project Veritas journalist who was filming him with an undercover camera.

“We could be so much better than what we are.” Everything about Patrick in that video showed a man in turmoil, who’s conscience is eating him alive, and who is desperately unhappy with where he is and what he’s a part of.

To prepare for my interview with him today, I had gone back and re-watched the undercover video where Davis spoke at length about how bad things were at CNN and how deeply unhappy he’d become there.

As you’ll hear in the audio interview, I remarked several times about the great contrast between the bewildered and lost version of Patrick Davis who appeared in those undercover videos and the man I saw today, who is at peace with himself and passionate about the new mission he has taken on with Project Veritas.

I wish him the best of success, and I look forward to seeing what he and James O’Keefe and Project Veritas can accomplish together in the coming years.